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If a visa is needed urgently (as in the case of a medical emergency)

a regular appointment must first be requested as explained in "How to Apply" (if several relatives are traveling on account of the same emergency, a regular appointment must be requested for each member of the family);

once that has been done, please fill out the following form, using the tab key to go from one field to the next.

   (You must fill out all the fields with an asterisk * )
*Applicant's full name as
it appears in the passport:
*Date of birth:
*Has the applicant ever
been denied a visa?
No:   Yes: refused in (year):
Applicant's phone number if in Mexico (including "LADA" area code):
land line     cellular   Final 10 digits
(w/o 011, 52, 044, etc.): ext:
Optional: alternate applicant's phone number if in Mexico (including "LADA" area code):
land line    cellular Final 10 digits
(w/o 011, 52, 044, etc.): ext :
*Confirm your e-mail:
Alternate e-mail (optional):
*Embassy/Consulate at which regular appointment has ALREADY been scheduled:
Note: Emergency appointment will be scheduled at this facility too.
Mexico City
Ciudad Juarez Matamoros Nogales
Guadalajara Merida Nuevo Laredo
Hermosillo Monterrey Tijuana
*Appointment ALREADY scheduled: date:  time:  no:
*Passport Number (valid for
at least another six months):
*Reason for emergency:
* Tentative travel date (month/day/year): , 20

* Briefly explain the nature of the emergency:

Information on other relatives/colleagues who require urgent appointments for the same reason
(full name; date of birth; relationship; passport no.; has/not been refused; date/time/no. regular appointment)

After clicking on "submit" (only once) the system will produce an automatic response confirming that your petition has been sent.

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