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Clarification: U.S. Government public announcement on travel to Cancun

Mexico City

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico would like to clarify the confusion raised by some media stories that mischaracterize the July 23 Public Announcement on travel to Cancun:

(text begins)

On Friday, July 23, the U.S. State Department issued a Public Announcement that reads: “This Public Announcement is being issued to alert U.S. Citizens of demonstrations and possible travel delays in Cancun due to the resignation of the city council in Cancun and the removal of the mayor the weekend of July 18, 2004. This announcement expires on August 20, 2004.”

The announcement refers to possible demonstrations and notes: “U.S. Citizens traveling to Cancun should use caution and avoid crowds, especially around the city hall and the Plaza de la Reforma...”

The announcement does not advise U.S. Citizens to defer travel to Cancun nor does it portray Cancun as dangerous. It only makes a reference to specific locations and conditions that could affect U.S. citizens in Cancun.

The U.S. State Department is tasked with the responsibility of informing U.S. citizens about any developments or events anywhere in the world that could affect their travel plans. The State Department will continue to monitor the situation in Cancun and will modify the Public Announcement accordingly.

The complete text of the Public Announcement is at
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