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Ambassador Garza warns against false visa “advisors”

Mexico City, October 18, 2004 -- “Over 70 percent of Mexican applicants receive visas for travel to the United States in the normal process – that’s a fact,” said Ambassador Tony Garza.

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico added, “Those applying for a U.S. visa should not be misled by anyone who offers them help in getting a visa.“

Ambassador Garza spoke after false reports began circulating that 80 percent of Mexican visa applicants were turned down, based on ethnic or racial profiles.

“No one is discriminated against on the basis of skin color or any other characteristic; each individual is evaluated independently to determine if they qualify for the visa requested,” said Ambassador Garza. “Every day, at the Embassy and the nine consulates, a majority of all applicants are issued visas in accordance with U.S. law, based on the reasons provided for travel.”

The Embassy warns against anyone who claims to have contacts in the consulate to facilitate the visa. The only way to obtain a visa is through a personal interview; no individual or organization has any influence over this process.

Click here to find all the needed information on how to obtain a visa to the United States. For visa appointments, please phone: 01-900-849-4949 (a charge call.)

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