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Ambassador Garza Lauds Youth Art Programs

Mexico City, December 13, 2004 – “Fostering creativity and promoting excellence in the arts can lead to continued achievement in a child’s life,” said U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza. “These arts programs enrich students by promoting educational achievement and productive lives.”

“Today two Mexican arts programs were honored by Mrs. Laura Bush at a ceremony for the 2004 “Coming Up Taller” Awards in Washington, D.C. These awards support outstanding community arts and humanities programs that provide disadvantaged students with new learning opportunities and ways to contribute to their communities. Each of the 17 programs that were honored today will receive $10,000 in recognition of its accomplishments,” added Ambassador Garza.

The two Mexican organizations honored are the Programa de Atención a Grupos Vulnerables in Quintana Roo, and the Desarrollo Creativo program of Vientos Culturales in Chiapas.

The Programa de Atención a Grupos Vulnerables gives youth from the local Juvenile Readaption Center the opportunity to perform in an orchestra using instruments they have created from recycled solid trash. The performances they give are music to the ears of their community, which views this program as a means of giving young people hope and a chance for a productive future.

In Chiapas, the Desarrollo Creativo has enabled more than 5,000 young people to participate in arts workshops to build productive skills. Utilizing a house built by community members, the program offers training in the visual and performing arts and offers public performances and exhibitions that attract 10,000-area residents.

“These economically and socially disadvantaged young people have historically been excluded from cultural and artistic activity; these programs give youth skills to develop self-esteem and become productive members of their communities,” said Ambassador Garza.

For more information on these programs, please go to:

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