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Press Releases 05

Ambassador Garza Thanks The People Of Mexico For Providing Aid to the People Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Mexican Army’s Relief Convoy Enters United States This Morning

Mexico City, September 8, 2005 — “The United States will always be grateful to the people of Mexico for the generosity extended to us as we meet the challenge of this difficult time,” said U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza.

“The United States is engaged in a monumental effort to ease the suffering of millions of Americans and foreign nationals, whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to the generous assistance provided by Mexico’s government, the private sector, and many of our southern neighbor’s individual citizens, the immense task ahead of us will be dealt with more efficiently. I am particularly heartened by the rapid outpouring of sentiment and solidarity from throughout Mexico. We are very pleased to accept the Mexican army’s convoy of relief supplies to the affected region, which entered the United States this morning; and the Mexican navy’s dispatch of a ship carrying supplies and water purification equipment, along with engineers with expertise in repairing dykes. We are also especially grateful for Protección Civil’s offer of experts to work on coordination and management of relief efforts.

The number of offers of assistance has been overwhelming. We greatly appreciate each and every one, even if we are unable to respond to each individual offer at this time. Thank you all, on behalf of the United States and our citizens in their time of need, for your solidarity and your kindness.”

We continue to welcome your support, throughout what may be a prolonged period of rescue and assistance. Individuals interested in making donations will find a comprehensive list of charities and their contact information on the websites of the Office of Mexico’s President and the Secretariat for External Relations: and

Information on making contributions to the Mexican Red Cross can be found on that organization’s website:

An additional list of relief agencies performing Hurricane Katrina relief work can be found at:

All non-monetary offers of assistance should be directed to the U.S. Embassy fax at (55) 5080-2834 and 5080-2005. The Embassy will pass those offers to the appropriate authorities and relief agencies for response.

Please note that the U.S. Embassy and our Consulates in Mexico are unable to accept contributions.

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