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Ambassador Garza Receives Award for Support of Mexico’s Plain Language Initiative

Mexico City, September 28, 2005 –– “A democratic government must speak with the clear voice of its people, and enable all citizens to understand the rules, laws, and policies that guide their society. The United States welcomes the opportunity to work with Mexico, under the framework of the Plain Language Network, to promote this goal,” said U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza upon receiving an award from the Secretary of the Comptroller General’s Office Eduardo Romero Ramos, for collaboration between the two countries.

The Plain Language Network is a U.S. government initiative designed to promote the use of clear and simple language in every government document. The goals of this initiative are: to improve efficiency in government; reduce the cost of bureaucracy; and eliminate corruption resulting from vague laws and regulations that only a select few can interpret.

Ambassador Garza received this award during a Plain Language Network inauguration ceremony at the Club de Banqueros in Mexico City. The U.S. Embassy supports this program through the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Ambassador Garza also congratulated Ambassador Ewa Polano of Sweden for her country’s support of this important project. He expressed his optimism that Mexico will benefit by being the “first Latin American country to establish a Plain Language program that promotes flexible, simple and efficient communication between its public servants and citizens.”

To date, 3,500 Mexican public servants have been trained in the Plain Language Program.

Mexico’s federal tax agency is rewriting their tax payment website using plain language, to better serve the seven million taxpayers who access this website each month. The Mexican government’s Oportunidades anti-poverty program – the largest program of its kind in Latin America – has trained its staff to use plain language when it responds to requests from its four million beneficiaries.

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