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Press Releases 06

Statement by the Ambassador Regarding the Assassination in Nuevo Laredo of Four Agents of the Mexican Federal Preventive Police

Mexico City, March 17, 2006 - “It is with great sadness and concern that I learned of the brutal assassination yesterday in Nuevo Laredo of four agents of the Mexican Federal Preventive Police, Enrique Moran Delgado, Luis Antonio Tepos Palacios, Guillermo Rodriguez Lozano, and Miguel Vazquez Cabrera.

I express my sincere condolences to their families, along with our strongest solidarity with their colleagues and all those who are working on the front lines to combat violence along our border.

Secretary Medina Mora recently announced a new Northern Border Plan to confront the increasing narco-related violence, and has deployed personnel in response to the horrific actions of those who threaten the citizens of both our countries and try to rule by terror. Two weeks ago, Secretaries Abascal and Chertoff concluded an agreement to further coordinate our countries’ collaboration in law enforcement along our mutual border. The horrific act of yesterday is at least partially in response to these increased efforts to confront narco-violence on the border, but will not lessen our determination to fight these criminal elements or weaken the resolve of good people to take back their communities.

The United States is committed to close collaboration with the Government of Mexico in tracking down and bringing to justice the criminals who coldly assassinated these four brave men, along with others who terrorize our citizens.”

Antonio O. Garza, Jr.

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