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Press Releases 06

Mexico Destroys Record Amounts of Marijuana and Opium Poppy

Mexico City, May 3, 2006 – “The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s most recent report on marijuana and opium poppy eradication in Mexico clearly shows that the Mexican government is a partner with the United States in the war on drugs. Though more must be done, efforts to stop the criminals who produce illegal narcotics are having an effect,” said Ambassador Antonio O. Garza.

In a report released today, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy announced that Mexico eradicated 51,840 acres (21,600 hectares) of opium poppy and 76,175 acres (30,840 hectares) of marijuana. This is the largest destruction of a Mexican opium poppy crop since 1998. Mexican heroin producers now have the capacity to produce 8 tons of heroin, down from the 9-ton capacity they had last year. Potential marijuana production also fell slightly from last year to about 10,100 metric tons.

“Mexico’s military and law enforcement community deserve recognition for the role its brave members have played in identifying and destroying opium poppy and marijuana fields. These eradication efforts are one more example of our ever-increasing effort to fight the war on drugs effectively and in cooperation with one another,” added Garza.

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