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Press Releases 06

Ambassador Garza: “When countries share experiences and knowledge, we not only gain technical expertise to solve today’s problems, but forge lasting cross-border relationships for the future.”

Ambassador Garza Visits Morelia to Celebrate Two Anniversaries

Morelia, Mexico, August 10, 2006. – U.S. Ambassador Antonio O. Garza, Jr. visited Morelia today to celebrate the first anniversary of the Public Finance Speakers’ Series and the 50th anniversary of the Mexican-American Cultural Institute of Michoacan. He noted, “Innovative solutions for the future – whether they are in public finance or language teaching – are rooted in the exchange of information and professional networking.”

Amb. Garza addressing the state treasurersAmbassador Garza shared the podium at the monthly Public Finance Speakers’ Series for State Treasurers with Michoacan Governor Lazaro Cardenas, and Treasurers from the U.S. states of New Hampshire, Georgia, and Mississippi and from the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Michoacan.

The series was launched last year with U.S. Government assistance, in conjunction with the Mexican Permanent Commission of Fiscal Authorities, to bring together state and provincial finance officials from the U.S., Mexico and Canada. These meetings have promoted fiscal transparency and innovation in Mexico by sharing the experiences of North American counterparts. The use of capital markets to access low-cost financing provides states with more funds for infrastructure, public works, and other government programs

“The Public Finance Speakers’ Series highlights creative public finance efforts, helping to improve the competitiveness of state governments in Mexico,” added the Ambassador. “Low-cost financing for state infrastructure and public works directly improves the quality of life for everyone.”

Gov. Cardenas, Amb. Garza, Director Montemayor, among others
Governor Cardenas (left), Amb. Garza and the Executive Director of the Cultural Institute, Grizelle Montemayor Vega (right), among other Institute staff.

Ambassador Garza also congratulated the Mexican-American Cultural Institute of Michoacan on their 50 years of teaching English and promoting the understanding of U.S. culture. He presented a certificate of recognition and made a donation of books and a computer, after touring the Institute’s facilities.

“The Cultural Institute not only provides a solid foundation in English language acquisition, it is a place where those who care about education, culture and language can exchange ideas about societies and development. When we learn about others, we deepen our knowledge of ourselves,” said Garza.

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— Ambassador's Remarks —

State Treasurers' Luncheon

50th. Anniversary of the Mexican-Northamerican Cultural Institute of Michoacan

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