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Press Releases 06

Tony Garza: Extradition of Druglord Rafael Arellano Felix to the U.S. is Significant in Continuing Battle Against Drugs and Violence

Mexico City, September 17, 2006 -- "Mexican authorities on Saturday handed over convicted druglord Rafael Arellano Felix to U.S. authorities in Brownsville, Texas, to face criminal charges in California, following the completion of his prison term in Mexico.

"On September 14, I felt it necessary to advise American citizens of the increasing levels of drug-related violence, especially along the U.S.-Mexico border. While I'm the first to point out those instances where more can be done, I also want to be the first to recognize that the Fox administration has been aggressive about extraditions and committed to doing what they can, when they can. President Fox has been unwavering in that regard and I recognize and appreciate both his conviction and courage, and that of his entire team.

"This extradition is another significant step in the cooperation between the United States and Mexico in the continuing battle against drugs and violence. While Rafael Arellano Felix may not be the head of the drug cartel named for his family, his extradition to the U.S. should be a clear signal that we will pursue relentlessly those, at all levels, who continue to wage war on our communities. We will not surrender to their lawless view of the world, of murder, guns and intimidation over the rule of law and democratic society. The drug trafficking gang headed by the Arellano Felix family has been dealt another blow, and justice will be served.

"The American and Mexican people benefit from the strong cooperation between law enforcement authorities on both sides of our common border. We share excellent levels of collaboration, and a strong commitment to bringing down the criminals showing such disregard for our societies, and it is paying off.”

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