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Press Releases 06

Garza: “Health is a common concern and a shared responsibility. Through bilateral cooperation and active participation of the civil society in both our countries, we really can win the fight against infectious diseases.”

Ambassador Garza Announces Over $1.2 million dollars in Grants to Fight HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis in Mexico

Mexico City, October 10, 2006 — Ambassador Garza announced today four grants, for the total amount of US $1,225,000.00 to strengthen Mexico’s efforts in the fight against tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS. The U.S. Embassy, through its office of the U.S. Agency for International Development, is funding the following initiatives:

PreveTB - Mobile Screening and Diagnosis for High Risk Populations in Tijuana, Mexico
The grant is awarded to University of California, San Diego, to help increase capacity in Mexico to control and prevent TB and HIV/AIDS through diagnosing these infections in vulnerable, hard-to-reach populations, and linking cases with treatment programs to curtail further spread to the general population. [Grant: $325,000]

A Partnership for TB/HIV Prevention & Treatment: Engaging and Training Border Providers - United States-Mexico Border Health Association has been selected to conduct a partnership with a consortium of community based organizations and State Health Departments to maximize the benefits to at-risk populations in the U.S.-Mexico border region through a training and technical assistance model to build the capacity of staff in TB and HIV prevention and treatment programs. [Grant: $250,000]

Increasing prevention of HIV/AIDS among male migrant populations in ten selected sites of Mexico, managed by Fundacion Mexicana Para la Planeacion Familiar, A.C. (MexFam), will focus on vulnerable groups affected by HIV. The overall objective of the project is to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS infection and access to services among present and potential male migrant populations in ten selected sites of Mexico. [Grant: $325,000]

Communication, Social Mobilization, and Advocacy for TB Control in High-Burden Communities, managed by Doctors of the World in collaboration with health authorities and local organizations in Ocosingo, Chiapas, to reduce the burden of TB in several communities through improved information and understanding, to increase capacity for community TB care and strengthen coordination between the population and the health system. [Grant: $325,000]

“These four new grants will help increase capacity in Mexico to control and prevent TB and HIV/AIDS. The people of the United States proudly support these new grants to help fight HIV and TB in Mexico, promoting a better understanding of these infectious diseases in order to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable,” said Garza.

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