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Press Releases 07

Ambassador Garza Announces Cross-Border Truck Initiative

Statement by Ambassador Antonio O. Garza

Mexico City, September 6, 2007 — “Today for the first time the U.S. and Mexican governments have granted operating authority for U.S. trucking companies to deliver and pick up shipments in Mexico, and Mexican trucking companies to operate in the U.S. beyond the 25-mile economic zone. A year-long cross-border trucking demonstration project started today will allow up to 100 Mexican companies and an equal number of U.S. transporters to operate freely in both countries.

“The success of this pilot project could ultimately bring an end to a 25-year-old process that requires three separate shipments for every product moved by truck between the U.S. and Mexico – and save consumers in the two countries over $400 million a year in transport costs.

“This initiative is an important step toward completing NAFTA’s promise of expanded economic opportunity and prosperity throughout North America, while at the same time upholding stringent security requirements and the very highest environmental and road safety standards. Since NAFTA was implemented in 1994, Mexican shipments to the U.S. have increased nearly 400%, while U.S. exports to Mexico have increased from $41.6 billion in 1993 to $134.2 billion in 2006.

“With already over $40 million dollars an hour of cross-border trade, more free and efficient movement of goods by trucks across the border will stimulate increased commerce and trade between our two countries. Every time our nations cooperate to overcome another obstacle to free trade, we strengthen our relationship and improve the lives of our citizens.”

Click on the following for more information on the Cross-Border Trucking Initiative.

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