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Press Releases 07

Ambassador Garza and Wife Visit Flood-stricken Areas With Directors of U.S. and Mexican Red Cross

Statement by Ambassador Antonio O. Garza

Mexico City, November 9, 2007 — “As Mariasun and I flew over flood-stricken areas today with Mexican Red Cross President Daniel Goñi Díaz, American Red Cross President Mark Everson, and Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United States Agency for International Development Paul Bonicelli, we were humbled by the extent of the devastation. At the same time, we were moved by the amazing cooperation between Mexicans and teams from the U.S. and elsewhere, providing critical assistance and helping the residents of Tabasco and Chiapas find their way to safety and begin the process of restoring the flooded areas and rebuilding their lives.

“Clearly this area will need some time to recover, and the physical and emotional scars of those struck by this tragedy will be slow to heal. However, the global outpouring of sympathy and support will help speed the process. The government of the United States has already directly provided $420,000 dollars in assistance to the people of Mexico and the Mexican Red Cross. At the same time, people throughout the United States are also contributing money, goods, and time to the international relief effort.

“The strength of the Mexican people in the face of a disaster of this magnitude is a tribute to the human spirit. While visiting communities struggling under flood waters, or those displaced by the deluge, I was impressed by the way people pulled together to hasten their own recovery from this disaster.

“The people of Chiapas and Tabasco are in our hearts and minds and the people of the United States will continue to stand by you in the coming weeks and months.”

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