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Press Releases 08

Tragic Loss of International Boundary and Water Commissioners

Statement by Ambassador Antonio O. Garza

Mexico City, September 17, 2008 - “It was with a profound sense of sadness that I received word this afternoon that the wreckage of a plane carrying International Boundary and Water Commissioner for the U.S. Carlos Marin and Mexican Commissioner Arturo Herrera, had been found without survivors.

“So many of us who have known Carlos and Arturo through the years were horrified to hear their plane had gone missing, and had hoped against hope that they would be found safe and sound. I extend my deepest condolences and send heartfelt prayers to their families and friends, and to those of the pilot, Matthew Peter Juneau, and Jake Brisbin, Executive Director of the Rio Grande Council of Governments, who was also on board.

“Arturo and Carlos gave their lives while trying to help others in need. They were on a mission over the flood-stricken U.S.-Mexico border when their plane crashed. Throughout their years of service they accomplished much to help both Mexican and American citizens living along the border. Arturo and Carlos contributed mightily to the goodwill that binds our two countries; they will be sorely missed as friends and as professional colleagues.

“I would also ask that we all thank those who braved flood waters and rugged terrain over the past days, searching for the downed aircraft. The Mexican Army, Ciudad Juarez Civil Aviation Authority, Texas Department of Public Safety, Customs and Border Protection, and all the individual citizens on both sides of the border who took part in the search, at no small risk to themselves, have my gratitude. Their efforts reflect the cooperation and collaboration that so distinguished the lives of Arturo Herrera and Carlos Marin.”

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