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Press Releases 08

Cowardly Attack will Unify Mexico

Statement by Ambassador Antonio O. Garza

Mexico City, September 17, 2008 - “I want to express my deep concern and sympathy to the families and the victims of the cowardly attacks in Morelia on Monday night. I believe the narco-terrorists have gravely underestimated the courage, valor, and strength of the Mexican people; it is the people and Mexican authorities who will make them pay the price.

“This shameful attack on innocent families, on the most sacred of Mexico’s national holidays, only serves to underscore the cartels’ and organized crime’s complete disregard for human life and values. They have crossed a line from recklessly endangering civilians in their attacks on law-enforcement officials and rival gangs, to deliberately targeting innocent men, women, and children who had nothing on their minds but celebrating the birth of this great nation.

I have come to know and love Mexico, and I know the Mexican people, and their President Felipe Calderon, will not be intimidated. The people of Mexico have seen enough, have had enough. Long live Mexico, and long live her valiant people.

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