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April 16, 2010



Do you still take into account the letter of invitation? Should the letter be notarized? Is there a special format for the letter or can it just be a normal letter?

An invitation letter can help explain your plans for travel to the US. However, it is much more important to carry documents that reflect your current financial, professional, or academic situation in Mexico. It is not necessary to have the letter notarized. For more information on what to bring to your interview, consult our Visa Application Steps at

Hello. I've always had my visa and passport with the name "Maria" but now that I've renewed my passport is reads "Ma" like in my birth certificate. What should I do now with my visa now that the "Maria" doesn't match the "Ma" in my Mexican passport? What do I need to renew the visa?


Don't worry; you can still travel using your visa with "Maria" until the visa expires. When you go to renew your visa, do everything with the name and dates as they appear on your valid Mexican passport.